National treasure 3 trailer official hd

National treasure 3 trailer official hd

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Atmospheres: Earth, Air Water Blu-ray delivers stunning video and solid audio in this excellent Blu-ray release Sample the sights and sounds of three distinct environments with this exotic National Geographic program that takes you to the vast grasslands of the African savannah, the dense rainforests of the Amazon and the icy plains of the Arctic. Users can also choose from two different audio tracks to accompany the slate of ever-changing imagery a selection of world music or an assortment of natural sounds. Not to dredge up ancient history, but remember when high definition was still fairly new, a certain format war was taking place, and various people were experiencing their eyes bugging out with Planet Earth? High def may be almost passé to some by this time, and we dont have a format war to argue over anymore, but the mad acclaim for Planet Earth does seem to have died down a bit in the intervening years. If youve wondered what all the fuss was about, but havent wanted to invest in either the time or money it takes to experience all of that magnificent Discovery Channel series, you have a Clifs Notes version of sorts here in this quite wonderful National Geographic documentary, Atmospheres: Earth, Air and Water. And even better yet at least to this reviewer, who sometimes can do without portentous voice overs spoiling the lovely scenery, theres not one word of narration, just your choice of either the natural sound environments or a soothing music soundtrack mixed with those natural sounds. As the subtitle to this documentary might suggest, Atmospheres: Earth, Air and Water is a trifold look at various wonders which surround us on this amazing planet, split into three fairly discrete segments focusing on one element. Atmospheres may have, in its title at least, seem to have forgotten the fourth element, fire, but as this piece starts with national treasure 3 trailer official hd activity, you can see that, as the alchemists used to claim, each of the elements blends with the others, and so earth is wed to fire in this opening segment. In fact, in what is either a nice piece of serendipity or some very smart thinking, the first scenes actually combine all three elements named in the title, plus fire, as we get a great aerial tracking shot of lava spilling into the ocean creating huge plumes of steam. Swirling panoramas of lava look almost like close-ups of a Van Gogh sun at times, with furious oranges and reds dissolving everything around them. All four elements combine as lava fire and earth pours into the ocean, creating huge steam plumes. You may remember that Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal came in for a little criticism when he took a federal volcano watch program to task in a nationally televised speech he gave. As someone who lives in the Pacific Northwest, and who in fact was here when Mt. Helens erupted, I personally can tell you volcano watches are necessary for this national treasure 3 trailer official hd of the world, and Atmospheres makes that abundantly clear as it provides up close and personal views of the at times weirdly calm destructive capability of flowing lava. The savage fury of volcanoes is truly unbelievable if you havent experienced it personally; I still remember how amazed I was a good ten years after St.

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